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Insure (Santam)

As the custodian of our client's assets, we deem waterproof liability cover our peace of mind. We therefore have the following cover place.


  • Negligence Advice; Custody/Control
  • Constractual Obligations R 2 000 000.000
  • Firearm Liabilty R 2 000 000.000
  • General Public Liability R 1 000 000.000
  • Fedility Guaratee/Employee Liability R 2 000 000.000

Mobilization Plan

In order to be a position to take over the security and cleaning operation at various sites, see steps below.


  • If successful with tender/proposal, a letter of intent is required when this is obtained, site equipments, uniform etc, can be ordered.
  • A further in-depth survey will be undertaken at no cost ascertain site-specific requirements.
  • Based on the above a site procedure manual will be produced for each location. This document will be signed as agreed upon by both Tyzer-T Security and Cleaning Services and the client.
  • Operation department of the various areas containing sites to be cleaned guarded will be briefed as to manpower numbers and ranking requirements.
  • Tyzer-T will ask that teams be in place on site, at least 2 (two) days before actual commencement of contract, to receive final on job training this at no extra costs to the client.
  • Tyzer-T training officers will provide further ongoing on-site training to ensure standards are maintained.
  • All sites will receive a minimum of one supervisory visit per shift. All sites will receive a minimum of one management visit per week.
  • A monthly formal meeting will be held between Tyzer-T senior management and the client. This to be minuted and records kept to ensure the on-going successful running of the site.