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Our Company CEO

Mr. Tlou France Temo (Tyzer)

Tyzer-T Security and Cleaning Services is headed by Executive Chairman Mr. Tlou France Temo(Tyzer) with the support of the Top Management having 100% voting rights. The implementation of the methodology of the 4 Discipline of Execution in Tyzer-T Security and Cleaning services has had a positive influence in the corporate culture to such an extent that today each member of the organization understand the business priorities and know the correct path to materialize them


  • Focus on the Wildly Important
  • Act on the lead measure
  • Keep a compelling Strategic Movement
  • Create a Cadence of Accountability

Our Chairman: Regard the leadership as a hot topic and for a good reason-we have never needed good leaders more than today: I embrace the principle, ideas and wish lists about leadership as refreshing to hear from a practicing,effective,productive and influential leader

His Motto

”Complete allocated duties 100%” by TF Temo